Brand New

Google Pixel 8 128GB Hazel

Google Pixel 8 128GB Hazel

Key features

6.2 inch display

50 MP camera

USB-C charging

Face unlock

Brand New

Google Pixel 8 128GB Hazel






Brand New

Key features

6.2 inch display

50 MP camera

USB-C charging

Face unlock


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Trade-in cashback available at checkout

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How it works


Select your device and lease term.

Choose Monthly Rolling for ultimate flexibility. For lower monthly payments, select 12, 24 or 36 months. All phones are SIM-free.


Fill out our easy application form.

Your new device will be on its way with free and speedy delivery. Raylo only does a soft credit check and applying has no impact on your credit file.


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At the end of your chosen term - you're in control. Apply for a free upgrade, keep paying monthly or leave us by returning your device.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to worry about wear and tear?

    Don't worry, we offer a fair wear and tear policy. It's ok to return your device with obvious signs of use such as some deep scratching (2 or fewer deep scratches on front glass that are less than 3cm in length), small dents, discoloration or changes in the paintwork.

  • What if my device gets damaged?

    If you return the phone to us damaged, we may charge you for the cost of repair as outlined by the Repair Charges set out in your agreement. You can opt for Raylo insurance at checkout which covers you against accidental damage, loss and theft.

  • When does my lease begin and end?

    The lease begins when your order is confirmed and your first payment is due 14 days later. Your lease ends when you return your device, after your chosen lease term.

  • Can I cancel after I order?

    Sure! If you have a change of heart you can cancel and return for free within the first 14 days.

  • What happens when it’s time to upgrade?

    At the end of your lease you can simply upgrade for free and return your old device. You have 14 days to transfer your data – plenty of time.

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    Keep the device and continue paying monthly

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    Cancel your lease and return your device to Raylo. If you're unable to return your device you’ll need to pay a fair fee

  • Do you run a soft search credit check?

    Yes, at Raylo we only soft credit check when you sign up. The benefit of a soft credit check is there's no impact on your credit rating by applying.

  • Can I trust Raylo?

    Of course! We're rated 4.5 on Trustpilot. We're also partners of Natwest and Telefonica – you're in safe hands.

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Our refurb and reuse approach means that all Raylo tech gets as many lives as possible.

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Great insurance cover from just £5.99/month. Underwritten by Collinson, made simple by Raylo.

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